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Why Exercise Doesn’t Need to Feel Like Punishment

Why Exercise Doesn’t Need to Feel Like Punishment Many people, especially when they are first starting up at working out, feel as though exercise is some form of punishment. It is difficult, painful and uncomfortable, and must be something we deserve because we slacked off and ate badly and put on weight – right? Wrong! Exercise is not Punishment We need to completely overhaul people’s opinions on exercise. It’s not a punishment for bad behaviour or a way to cancel out binges or lazy days. And it shouldn’t be viewed as a way of gathering good points so we can be naughty later. Picture your exercise regime like walking up a hill. Every day you get a bit higher up...
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Rest Days – Slowing Down is Just as Important as Going Fast

Rest Days – Slowing Down is Just as Important as Going Fast It can seem weird, but taking things slowly when it comes to exercise and fitness is just as important as working up a sweat. When you are focussed on results, progress and performance, it can naturally seem that going at full throttle all the time is the best way to see change. It can seem like slowing down or taking a rest day is just a waste of time. But, when you want your fitness regime to become a permanent lifestyle change, you can’t rush it. You can’t speed in and cut corners and expect your body to happily keep up. Let’s have a look at why. You...
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New Year’s Resolutions - Starting the Year Off Right 560x315

New Year’s Resolutions – Starting the Year Off Right

New Year’s resolutions can be a wonderful incentive for some people, but for most, those optimistically set promises fall by the wayside pretty quickly into early January. Setting a resolution that is quickly broken can become a setback and another reason to tell yourself that goals for personal improvement just aren’t worth the effort. Resolutions aren’t all that they are cracked up to be, but setting measurable goals is a great way to start making progress towards anything challenging that you want to achieve. Here is what I recommend instead of a New Year’s resolution, and the good news is, it is far more likely to succeed. You don’t need to set a grand goal for a complete overhaul. You...
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How to Keep on Track at Christmas Time Banner

How to Keep on Track at Christmas Time

Some people look forward to Christmas and all its excesses – but if you’re trying to stay healthy, you’d be forgiven for dreading this season a little. It can be incredibly hard to keep on track at Christmas and stick to your regular diet and training goals. Hard, yes – but not impossible. With Bod Pod’s help and our handy hints, you’ll be able to easily stay healthy at Christmas, and you won’t have to miss out on any of the fun! Make a Plan to Keep on Track at Christmas Time Get planning early We are most likely to fall off our normal diet and exercise regimes when we aren’t prepared. Christmas is a very spontaneous time, with routines...
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Why Breakfast is Still the Most Important Meal of the Day blog banner

Why Breakfast is Still the Most Important Meal of the Day (Especially for Children)

It is a very old saying, but is still as true as it ever was – breakfast is the most important meal of the day, especially for children. While many adults skip breakfast, and some modern diets recommend doing so, such as intermittent fasting, most people need a healthy breakfast to start the day. Research shows that one in seven Australian school children skip breakfast. This number is a bit scarily high when we understand that starting the day without breakfast is directly linked to poor school performance and can lead to lifetime battles with unhealthy weight. Our kids deserve better than this. We may skip breakfast for all sorts of reasons, usually because we are too rushed or distracted...
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Confused About How to Eat Well? You’re Not Alone

If you are finding it difficult to eat well in this day and age, you are not alone! We are continually assaulted by information on what to eat, and what not to eat, and when to eat, and all sorts of other rules. It is very easy to get confused. Aspirations and Instagram Social media platforms such as Instagram and Facebook mean that anyone can be an expert. We have so much conflicting information available to us that it’s hard to make any kind of intelligent decision. We don’t know who to believe, or who are backed by any kind of nutritional knowledge. We see pictures and videos of influencers who look incredible, and who base their whole look on...
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