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Look and feel better, faster.

Bod Pod is redefining the approach to fitness

Bod Pod is a body fat measuring system for people not just interested in losing weight, but wanting to get fitter, feel better, and see more permanent results from their fitness program.

This revolutionary body fat measurement process is simply the best way to get comprehensive information about your body. Through this convenient assessment you get quick results, that are so detailed you can develop an intense plan of attack to further target what you need.

Body Fat

BodPod is simply the best way to get comprehensive information about your body.
Through this convenient assessment you get quick results, that are so detailed
you can develop an intense plan of attack to further target what you need.


Bod Pod locations are all over, but we are the only one in Townsville, so if you live, work or work out in this area, we are the one for you. We have so many customers happy by enlightening them about their bodies and opening up avenues for where they can go next.

Medical Research & Applications

With the prevalence of Bod Pod’s in many major universities and research hospitals in Australia and the United States, doctors and research scientists are using the Bod Pod to provide their patients with accurate reporting and tracking. This has played an important role in providing information relating to weight management in both obese and underweight individuals and the appropriate management plans.

Sports & Fitness Applications

Body composition and weight management results for athletes need to viewed as part of a well-executed diet and training plan. Strength and Conditioning Coaches and Sports Dieticians require this information to ensure that both amateur and professional athletes alike meet their full potential. The Bod Pod provides these professionals the ability to do so and tracks the changes over time.

Bod Pod Machine Townsville

Pod Pricing

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Single Visit

15min visit
  • 15min Session
  • Analysis Report
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3 Visit Pass

3 x 15min sessions
  • 15min Session
  • Analysis Report

Unlimited Pass

12 month package
  • Unlimited Sessions
  • Analysis Reports

Clients Say...

  • Scales don’t always show your results but Bodpod certainly helps. The Bodpod shows what our bodies were doing. This helped motivate us and helped us keep going with our healthy eating and exercise program. Now, we regularly book into to see Paula at the Bodpod to help keep us on track with our health and fitness. It’s awesome and well worth doing if you are trying to lose weight or just want to monitor your progress.

    Bod Pod 8 week health challenge
    Geraldine + Paul Brenton
  • I went and saw Paula from Bod Pod Townsville today and she was amazing! Would 100% recommend Bod Pod to anyone looking to have an accurate read of their body! I loved it so much I pre-paid 2x more sessions! Thanks Paula!

    Allyson Pascoe
  • Went and got my analysis today. Paula explained everything to me and went through nutrition with me. Made me feel comfortable and welcome. Ill be back in 3 months for updated results. Thanks Paula

    Angie M Sivc
  • The Bod Pod don’t lie!! An excellent way to track your progress giving you the confidence you’re on the right track.

    Grace Robertson
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